Our New Site

Hello To any & all who are trying to find Christians who are in Sault Sainte Marie, MI

we have just changed our web hosting service are in the very early stages of building our new site.  We hope to have audio & study material as well as links to other sites & software that we use to grow in the grace & knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ that hopefully you will find helpful for the same goal

Our group currently assembles at 545 Ashmun St in The Small Mall, Sault Sainte Marie, MI.  We assemble Sundays beginning at 9:30am.  Please feel free to call (906.203.0726) or email (hedges34@charter.net) if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Building this new site will take a while so please be patient but In case you are wondering who we are & what we are about, I suggest you read the New Testament.  In short though…

We believe in an all powerful Creator who The Bible calls God, Jehovah & The Father.  We believe in His Son Jesus of Nazareth called Christ or Messiah & that The Bible contains all that is needed pertaining to life & godliness.  We are not now, nor have we ever been associated with any denomination or sect or convention or movement except the one that Jesus & His Apostles began 2000 years ago.  In Matthew 16:18 Jesus said He came to “build My church”.  We are striving to become and stay a part of that one true church, not to add or take away or alter anything He, The Father or The Holy Spirit reveals for man to believe & practice.  The Bible reveals only one true religion to worship God, which is why Jesus said “all who worship Him (God) must worship in spirit & in truth”.  All of this is the motivation behind a sort of saying that one of the brothers here came up with…  Truth studied, truth practiced, truth taught.  Not because WE are the only ones with the truth, but because God through The Bible is.  what is revealed in The Bible is the truth about Him & how He wants us to worship Him

If you have further questions or concerns about us please write or call

In Christ…  the Disciples of Jesus at The Small Mall in Soo Michigan